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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions – I have answers! Below is a list of common questions you may have. If your question isn’t listed below (or found in Session Details), I would love to hear from you.

  • Availability is limited and Saturday family outdoor sessions fill up the fastest, so it’s best to reserve your date several weeks to months in advance, especially during warmer weather months (June through October). *Please note: Sundays and holidays are reserved for family time and therefore not available for sessions.
  • Maternity sessions are scheduled Monday through Friday.
  • Newborn sessions are scheduled Monday through Friday and start at 9:00am promptly.
  • Baby milestone sessions generally start around 10:00am, but can swing an hour before or after depending on baby’s nap schedule.
  • Outdoor maternity & family sessions are scheduled to begin during Golden Hour (2-2.5 hours before sunset).

I have several favorite locations that have been chosen based on the availability of beautiful natural light and glorious natural environment and background to this part of the world that we proudly call home.  Favorite client choices are the foothills and river, but other locations are available and may incur an additional travel and time fee.


If the weather looks unfavorable the day of our outdoor session, I will check a predictive weather radar forecast app (to see where and when the showers are arriving) in the late morning/early afternoon of our scheduled session date.  If it looks like rain during our session time, we will reschedule for the next mutually convenient date.


The right clothes just seem to pull a great picture together. But, there are no “right clothes” for pictures. It can be the most daunting of tasks to figure out what to wear. Thankfully, Pinterest is full of great ideas and I have thoughts I can share with you too to make it easier depending on if we are shooting in studio for your family newborn pictures or for outdoor family or maternity.

We will discuss clothing ideas before the shoot, but general thoughts:

  • Whether classic & timeless or fun & trendy, try to stay away from busy patterns, stripes, graphic tees, or logos.
  • Color coordination is visually appealing, but avoid dressing everyone the same (i.e., all jeans and all-white shirts)
  • For family and maternity sessions, don’t forget the shoes. They are often overlooked. Make sure they are clean and the right type to match the outfits.
  • If siblings or families will be photographed together, try to match the color in similar color tones or palettes. Another idea is using an accent color that most everyone is wearing a “touch of”.
  • One trick I use is to lay out everyone’s outfit on a bed or floor, and stand back and look. Ask yourself “do these all go together?” If one piece unfavorably stands out, probably best to replace it with something else.
  • You want the clothes to complement the picture, not distract from it.
  • For both newborn and maternity sessions, I do have dresses for mom to use and some outfits for younger children. Just ask! Sorry dads….you’re on your own.

Within two weeks of our session, we meet for your viewing and ordering appointment. At this time, your images will be lightly edited (a soft proof), with a few fully hand edited so you know what to expect your final images to look like. This process allows me to better allocate my time so I’m only editing the images you love and purchase. Within 2 weeks of your ordering appointment, you’ll receive a link to download your high-resolution JPG images. You will have 5 days to download your images before the link expires. If you do not download your images before the gallery expiration, there will be a $50 fee to re-upload them.


Please do! Feel free to share your gallery link with friends and family. Again, just make sure they are aware of the 5-day window.


As a full-service professional studio, I offer many high-end and unique products for purchase in addition to your digital files to include handcrafted in the Netherlands, artisan pieces from The Original Photoblocks, canvas, heirloom albums, announcements, and more.


Here are my personal thoughts…Fine art photography is an investment, and not just a monetary one, either. The real investment is the memories you’re capturing and preserving. Babies turn into toddlers who turn into kids, then teens, then adults. We fall in love, sometimes say goodbye to those loved ones, all while enjoying the seasons of our lives together. I love for my clients to have their digital negatives if that is important to them. Some want to scrapbook, share via social media or simply to have stored on their hard drive. My goal is to provide you with a truly custom experience from start to finish where the end result is not just another set of digital negatives that will end up in some folder on your computer. I want my clients to walk away with heirloom pieces that are ready to hang, look at, and share. Whether that is a beautiful canvas or artisan handmade Photoblocks on the wall or a gorgeous coffee table book to keep on display.

“I promise an investment in these art pieces will create a warmth in your home for you and your guests to enjoy. And isn’t that so much more welcoming than saying, “Hey! Come here and check out these pics on my phone.”

The choice for what is best for your family is only a decision you can make. But, my job is to make that as easy as possible. Yes, I offer high-quality professional-grade prints (love Costco for the big bag of Pirate Booty, but they can’t match the quality of professional printing). I will say, it’s more fun to occasionally open a drawer of old pictures and hold them in my hand…there is something to be said for tangible memories! I highly encourage you to do at least one large conversation piece from our session that you can hang proudly in your home and share when friends come to visit. Pictures breathe life into a home! They will be the legacy you pass down to your children and grandchildren.

Boise Newborn Session Details

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